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Pistol Purchase Permits

License to purchase pistol permit procedure:

  1. An individual may apply for a License to Purchase a Pistol (LTP) at any police agency in the state.

  2. Application forms are available in dispatch. State issued identification is required. Application fee is $10.00. The permit will be issued to the applicant usually within 24 hrs not including weekends and holidays.

  3. Applications are subject to approval by the Chief of Police, the fee is non-refundable.

  4. If an individual purchases a pistol from a Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) dealer, a LTP is not required. However, a Pistol Sales Record (PSR) must be completed and the seller's FFL must be recorded on the form. The MSP copy of the PSR must be turned into the police agency in the city the purchasers resides for registration.

  5. For additional information regarding pistol licensing please visit the Michigan State Police - Pistol Information Page.



CCW Holders may obtain a PISTOL Sales Record (RI-060) from the Michigan State Police Web Site: Pistol Sales Record