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Kimberly Comer, MAAO

Overview of the Assessing Department

The Assessing Department establishes assessed and taxable values of all taxable property within the City of Rockwood. To establish the assessed value of each real property in the city, the Assessing Department lists, inventories, inspects, analyzes sales and income data, calculates depreciated costs, and appraises the value of each taxable property within the City of Rockwood.

To establish the taxable value of each property in the city, the Assessing Department monitors transfers of ownership to determine when the taxable value of a property becomes uncapped. To establish the taxable and assessed value of the personal property, the Assessing Department identifies new business owners by performing street surveys, processes personal property statements, and audits the records and examines the personal property of a sampling of businesses.

Other duties of the Assessing Department include administering the rescission and granting of principal residence exemptions, processing divisions of land, the write up legal descriptions, reviewing and processing exemption applications, establishing special assessment districts, and apportioning the special assessment within that special assessment district, defending assessed and taxable values before the Michigan Tax Tribunal and assisting other departments and divisions within the city with valuation, real estate, and property.

Please be advised that appraisers will be out in the field verifying permits, and sales, and reviewing property records, per state-recommended guidelines. Our field appraisers have IDs and vests. We ask for your cooperation if you should have any contact with the appraisers during their field inspections. This information will be used to compile next year's assessments and it is imperative that all reviewed information be accurate.

A door tag will be left on the property if you have been visited. If we are unable to access the property or contact the owner, an estimate will be made based on all the information we are able to gather. If you would like to request an inspection, request copies of records, or schedule a meeting with the Assessor, please call (734) 379-9496 or email


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